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We lend based on the equity you have in the property

We say yes, when the banks say no. We are an equity-based private lender that provides loans based SOLELY on the equity in the property and not the individual applying for financing. What does that mean for borrowers? It means that if your property meets our minimum equity requirements, then your financing with us is approved and delivered within 24 hours – simple as that.

Traditional mortgage loans and financing use complicated calculations based on your personal financial situation and can be based on unfair terms. Sadly, this can sometimes leave individuals without the financing they require at the moment they need it most. We believe that lending should be based on the equity in a property rather than the individual applying for the mortgage.

At One Day Money, we lend money or agree to purchase your property based on the equity you have in that property — and we do it in one day. We appraise the property quickly, provide home equity loans and secure your mortgage, sale or assignment in one day for your convenience.

Our Private Lending Services
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03. One DayTM Assignment
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We are focused on helping to close new construction properties that have had significant equity based on years of appreciation. One Day Money offers services to clients in Toronto and surrounding areas such as Mississauga, Markham, Vaughan, Etobicoke and more.

We lend solely based on the equity in the property-not your current financial situation. Can’t finalize your loans because you need to clear up some debt? We can lend you the money you need to get your debt cleared. We use the equity you’ve built up to help you qualify for the best mortgages.

We can help turn your financial situation around. Let us get you over the initial hurdle of closing your property, including covering all closing costs, by providing the financing you need.

One Day Money is a private lender in Toronto that provides equity-based loans to finance your pre-construction condo investment.
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Frustrated that you have lots of equity in your property and still can’t get financing?
One Day Money can get it done.
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Did your financing just fall through a few days before close?
Start to finish we can get your deal done in One Day.
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Bought a pre-construction property years ago and the bank still looks at it from its APS price even though it’s worth more today?
One Day Money will finance you based on your current property value, not on a contract from several years ago.
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Got a low deposit deal and can’t come up with the rest of the funds?
One Day Money can cover everything including the closing costs.
We lend based on the equity in your property and we can get all the money
you need to finance your real estate, including your closing costs.

Close Your Mortgage…with as little as 5% down!

Finance Your Pre-Construction Condo In One Day!

Do you have a lot of equity in your pre-construction condo but still can’t get financing? Have some debt you need to pay off to improve your equity?

While One Day Money offers assistance for all property investments, we specialize in providing financial services and home equity loans on pre-construction condos and homes that have appreciated since the initial purchase. Conventional mortgage brokers and lenders will often only look at the price on your original agreement of purchase and sale, essentially valuing your property at its previously listed price, 2 or more years prior. We let you take advantage of the equity you’ve built up to cover closing costs.

Closing a new construction property can be challenging. This is because the equity created during the construction phase is not recognized by lenders who base the property value on the original purchase price. As a result, it is much more difficult to close.

As well, the day after you close, many lenders will start to use the current appraised value as the basis. By providing the funds for one to two months, One Day Money clients are able to leverage the appreciation.

As a leading private mortgage lender, we will always take into account the equity on your pre-construction condo investment and provide you with appropriate condo financing or even purchase your pre-construction property from you, depending on your equity.

One Day Money Breakdown

Imagine you bought a pre-construction property three years ago for $500,000. Now, the property is worth $700,000 and it’s time to close. But there’s one problem: you used a $50,000 line of credit for part of the original down payment and now the bank or credit union you borrowed from won’t lend to you because you have too much debt.

Unfortunately, this situation is not uncommon since major lenders often look at three year old contracts to determine property value. At One Day Money, we look at what your property is worth today and can lend mortgage loans that are up to 80% of your currently property value. In this scenario, for example, One Day Money could lend you up to $560,000 in mortgage financing! This allows you to pay down your debt while getting a conventional mortgage loan based on the property’s current value.

Bridge Loans and Financing

Buying a new house before selling your existing property? One Day Money provides bridge loans as a solution for when your buying and selling dates don’t overlap!

Bridge loans are temporary, short-term loans secured by the equity of the property you are selling. These kinds of quick loans literally “bridge” the gap between old and new property mortgages, allowing you to fund the down payment on your new home without having to wait to sell your old home. Learn more about One Day Money bridge financing by speaking to a One Day Private Lender today!